Rihaku "Wandering Poet" Sake (Junmai Ginjo)

Price: $14.95
Junmai Ginjo. Made by Rihaku Shuzo, Shimane Prefecture. SMV: +3. Alcohol 15.2%. Rice polished to 55%. Acidity: 1.6. Named for a poet in China who lived from AD 701-762 and was famous for drinking sake before writing: 'I drink a bottle and I can write 100 poems.' Full-bodied and well-rounded on the palate with a clean, crisp finish. Brewed by a family owned artisan producer, founded in 1882.

Stephen Tanzer (International Wine Cellar): "Very pale yellow. Assertive aromas of squash, banana and cantaloupe, with an intriguing saline quality that carries onto the palate. Flavorful and distinctly wine-like, with plenty of flavor and a clean finish. (Aug 2007)"

**** Highly Recommended, F. Paul Pacult (Spirit Journal): "[$35 list] Clear and clean pewter appearance. Assertive aromas of grass, hay, dry soil/sand and mushrooms abound in the opening inhalations; the nose gets acutely malty after further aeration. Entry is grainy/malty and just a shade sweet; midpalate is off-dry, chewy, grainy, and cereal-like. Good depth. (Dec 2009)"