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Woodland Hills Wine Company now provides RSS feeds for customers interested in receiving the very latest notification of new wines to hit our shelves (or become available for sale on a pre-arrival basis). We enter new products into our system nearly every day, so signing up for RSS feeds is your best bet if you don’t want to miss out on limited offers or if you want to be the first to know about our latest offerings.
What is RSS?

RSS is short for “Really Simple Syndication”. Simply put, RSS streamlines the way information (in our case, inventory changes) is published and delivered to users. RSS allows users to subscribe to information that they are interested in receiving, which is then pushed directly to subscribers through RSS aggregators (aka RSS readers), such as My Yahoo! and Google Reader. The aggregator provides the user a “feed” of anything that changes on a particular site, checks this feed periodically, and alerts the user when something has changed. By setting up RSS feeds from our website, you will have a near-real-time view of any new additions to our inventory. More on RSS
Getting started

To use RSS, you will need to have an RSS aggregator, of which there are many available. Some are accessed through a browser, some are integrated into email programs, and some run as a standalone application on your personal computer. Some of the simple web-based aggregators include My Yahoo!, Google Reader, and Bloglines. To set up the aggregator of your choice, follow instructions provided by the respective software provider.
How to use WHWC RSS feeds

We have organized our RSS feeds so that customers can tailor their subscriptions to receive inventory updates according to their specific interests. Some users may be interested in all updates, while others may only want to receive updates for a particular wine category. Once your aggregator is working, select the desired WHWC RSS feed(s) from the list below, then drag or copy and paste it/them into the aggregator or application, or follow your aggregator’s instructions.
Available RSS Feeds
rssAll Wine rssFrance - Champagne
rssUSA - All rssFrance - Loire
rssUSA - Cabernet & blends rssItaly - All
rssUSA - Pinot Noir rssItaly - Tuscany
rssUSA - Merlot rssItaly - Piedmont
rssUSA - Rhône varietals (Syrah, Grenache, etc.) rssAustralia
rssUSA - Zinfandel rssAustria
rssUSA - Chardonnay rssSouth America (Argentina, Chile)
rssFrance - All rssGermany
rssFrance - Burgundy rssNew Zealand
rssFrance - Bordeaux rssPortugal
rssFrance - Rhône rssSouth Africa
rssFrance - Alsace rssSpain