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Here at Woodland Hills Wine Company, we're only too happy to extol the virtues of Italy and its wines. And the thing that really excites us, the true beauty that is Italy is that it can claim the greatest diversity of wine types, styles, and grape varieties on the planet. Indeed, every one of the country's 20 regions is to some extent in the wine business. Moreover, Italy has always been at or near the top in terms of sheer volume produced, even if quality lagged that of, say, France more often than not. Italians are also great consumers of their own product, although (as in the rest of Western Europe) per capita consumption has been in gradual decline over the past several years.

Not until the 1960s was there any sort of systematic attempt to impose some order on the almost anarchic chaos that was the Italian wine scene; it came in the form of an official regulatory scheme modeled after the French INAO, namely the DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) rules. DOC wines are subject to detailed legal   More